Solar Powered 4 Plex Economics: A Competitive Advantage

Mulit Family Solar Economics

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Email   — **Welcome to Village Redevelopment with Jeremy** Happy Monday, everybody. This is Jeremy with village redevelopment. This is a video I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, and I’m glad we’re finally getting it shot, something that’s near and dear to my heart. We did our first building […]

Village Redevelopment’s first Solar Powered Apartment Community! Financing Example for Solar Panels and Battery Backup!

Solar powered Apartments

Why Village Redevelopment Strives to build nothing but solar-powered apartments? Ever since I became fascinated with city planning and urban development, I have wanted our communities to be energy-independent solar powered apartments.  I joined the United States Peace Corp straight out of college. Spending 3 years working with micro-entrepreneurs in the Nicaraguan town of Corinto.   […]

House Hacking Using the 203k loan

house hacking   I have wanted to build fun, architecturally interesting, sustainable communities that add value to the communities we love to spend time in for years.   Ever since I spent 3 years as a volunteer in the United States Peace Corps  I have been enamored with village-style living.  Perhaps this is why when I returned from […]

203 K loan overview, tips and tricks to live free or cheap!

Surf Apartments

Today we overview the 203 k rehab loan that allows you to “renovate” up to 4 units for 3% down payment.  This low down payment rehab loan program is an awesome way to buy run down homes most loan programs will not fund.   With a low down payment of 3% you can renovate or add […]


Hey, this is Jeremy with Sustainable Village Redevelopment. Wanted to talk to you today about Airbnb Investing and our spin on using Airbnb to up the cash flow in our multifamily apartment buildings that we’re building or adaptively reusing. WHY AIRBNB 1 OF YOUR RENTAL UNITS IN A 4 PLEX? ​So jump into it. Why […]