Village Redevelopment’s Unique approach to real estate development.

 Lets face it, buildings, and the ones we live, work, and play in have a huge effect on our lives and our overall happiness.   Far too many of them have been built over time to be put up quickly, for maximum profit, with little consideration for how they will benefit and honor the neighborhood they are built in.   We believe buildings, if properly designed and built, can improve our towns and cities, lead by example creating civic pride, and create a lasting legacy that honors the communities we choose to live and work in.

    Sustainable Village Redevelopment’s mission, is to slowly buy properties, that are within walking and certainly biking distance to most of life’s necessities.   Striving to rehabilitate them whenever possible, and ideally adaptively re-purposing them to their highest and best use for the neighborhood and its residents.  Utilizing creative materials, architecturally creative redevelopment techniques, with an overall focus on making neighborhoods cooler, more community focused, interesting, and sustainable places to work, live, and enjoy.   We are also pushing to make 100% of the communities power needs provided by solar energy and provide loaner bikes and e-cargo bikes for tenants and their friends to use.  Making our communities more of an “Experience” than an address!

We hope you enjoy our evolving work, and if you feel the same drop us a line any time!

Sustainable Village Redevelopment

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