**Welcome to Village Redevelopment with Jeremy**

Happy Monday, everybody. This is Jeremy with village redevelopment. This is a video I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, and I’m glad we’re finally getting it shot, something that’s near and dear to my heart. We did our first building about three years ago, and we’re looking for our next acquisition currently and hopefully into 2024.

**Solar Power and its Competitive Advantage in California**

A lot of multifamily landlords and developers in California either overlook or merely pay lip service to the potential of solar and battery backup. I believe this offers a significant competitive advantage. Let me explain the economics of how that works and how it not only saves money but can also be a revenue stream. For properties like our duplex and definitely four units, it made a ton of sense to integrate this technology.

**Multifamily Solar Economics**

Our fourplex, which I’m currently staying in with my company offices, originally had an electricity cost of approximately $800 per month. Now, with our 14 kilowatt solar system backed up by 20 LG batteries, our monthly cost is around $400. The up-front cost of the solar installation was $72,000. We financed it using the Pace financing program. The monthly loan payment is about $350, and our electricity bill is only slightly above that.

**Amenities and Social Integration**

But there’s more to our properties than just solar. We aim to foster a community. With an epidemic of loneliness prevalent, especially post-pandemic, we wanted our apartments to be more than just living spaces. Our properties feature:

– Sports amenities like bikes for people to borrow, foam surfboards for beginners, and various outdoor games.

– Social areas with string lights, market umbrellas, barbecues, and more.

– Gardening opportunities with stock tank feeders for those who want to grow their own vegetables.

– Electric vehicles and bikes as an alternative to traditional transportation.

**Planning for the Future**

Looking ahead, our goal is to further these concepts. I dream of creating an “Adventure Ranch”, potentially featuring additional houses, airstreams, yurts, or tiny homes. Whether it’s for short-term rentals or providing affordable housing, the aim is always to create self-sustaining, socially-driven communities. Some of the markets we’re considering include Bath Lake, Mammoth Lakes, Truckee, and even places like Crested Butte in Colorado.

**A Personal Touch in Design**

I take a hands-on approach to designing these communities. The process begins with me hand drawing the buildings, which are then perfected with the help of architects. We’re not just aiming for luxury; our goal is well-designed, affordable housing.

**Tour of the Complex**

As we step outside, you’ll see a blend of old and new structures, vegetable gardens ripe with produce, vintage bicycle frame parking, and a board rack with foam surfboards for beginners. The grounds are adorned with picnic tables, umbrellas, and fruit trees, making it a vibrant space for socializing and leisure.

**Get in Touch**

I’m always eager to discuss this project and share our vision. Whether you have questions, feedback, or just want to learn more, reach out to me. Drop a comment on this video or contact me directly at jeremy@villageredevelopment.com or call 619-885-8188.


If you would further information on our first solar powered 4 plex or future plans connect with us!

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